Scotch & Comics – Episode 001

In this first episode of Scotch and Comics, host Devin R Bruce explains the premise of the show, then wades through a mostly-random selection of comics including Locke & Key, Batgirl, Vice, Jew Gangster, Martian Manhunter, and Incorruptible. Fortified by a healthy dose of Scotch whisky, he shares his thoughts and insights with anyone who cares to listen. Scotch and Comics: two of the greatest things ever invented, now in podcast form!

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Brandon Schatz a.k.a @SoupyToasterson on Twitter
Anson Jew ( and his brother Benton Jew (
Ballantine’s Finest – the greatest blended Scotch ever.
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7 responses to “Scotch & Comics – Episode 001

  1. Awesome man! I love it, and I will continue to stick your podcast in my earholes! I even blogged about it…

  2. Nice podcast – I’ve actually been a pretty big fan of Joe Hill for a while now and never even knew he had a comic series – Locke and Key sounds pretty amazing!

  3. I have yet to list but the photo caught my eye cause of a certain hero….

  4. I really need to save your show for my commutes home. It’s 9:17am and I’m hungry for a nice bourbon on the rocks. (Can’t do scotch . . . too smoky, and I don’t have the gumption to develop a taste for it in my advanced age!)

    • I take it you don’t have the kind of Don Draper job where you can pour yourself a stiff drink at work. Sorry to hear that. (For the record, I don’t either.) As far as the Scotch goes: you’d be surprised how not-smoky a number of my favourites are, but I’m not going to twist your arm. Hopefully I’ll make something sound so delicious you’ll break down and try it out yourself! And I’ll probably sample other kinds of whiskies occasionally; I only have so much Scotch at my apartment.

      Thanks for the comment and please check in again whenever you feel the urge!

      • Well, I do have a “Lou Grant” drawer in my desk, but I usually save it for Friday afternoons in December for the holidays!

        The only scotch I have come close to enjoying is the Dalmore. I always keep a bottle of that on hand for company.

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