Scotch & Comics – Episode 002

In this second episode of Scotch and Comics, host Devin R Bruce takes a little bit of time to talk about one of his new favourite Scotch varieties, then dives headfirst into the newly-relaunched (don’t call it a reboot!) line of DC Comics titles. After going through The Good, The Bad, and The Questionable, he then cleanses the palate with some decidedly darker non-superhero fare featuring Joe Casey & Steve Parkhouse’s The Milkman Murders, Rafael Grampa’s Mesmo Delivery, and Kody Chamberlain’s Sweets.

NOTE: The DC Universe talk features a spoiler for Nightwing #1 at about the 27 minute mark, so if you want to keep your reading experience relatively pure the rest of the reviews start at about 32:20.

Show Links
The Glenrothes – A Speyside Distillery
DC Comics – Home of the New 52
Kody Chamberlain’s Blog – Creator of Sweets
Show playlist on 8tracks

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2 responses to “Scotch & Comics – Episode 002

  1. Devin,

    Thanks for the review of Sweets! Sorry you were a bit confused by the ending, I’m happy to discuss if you’d like. However, all the info is in the book, if somewhat hidden upon the first read.


    • Thanks for listening and commenting, Mr. Chamberlain! I really did enjoy Sweets & am glad I took the plunge; I’m looking forward to re-reading it next week and soaking in all the textures and layers. (My confusion was likely 75% due to my blood alcohol level.) However, I would really appreciate any time you’d take out of your schedule to talk to me about it. I’ll give it another read soon and then I’ll send you an e-mail, or you can e-mail me at

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