Scotch & Comics Episode 4: The Random Drawerbox Shuffle

I love love LOVE how striking this cover is.

Cover to Welcome To Tranquility #4 by Neil Googe.

It’s been two long weeks but Scotch & Comics returns, with host Devin R Bruce serving up another round of slightly tipsy comics conversation. With the help of his friends on Twitter, he goes through a random selection of comics from his long boxes as well as one book from his shelf. It’s a big glass of superhero comics with a zombie twist and a sprinkling of pixie dust! Featuring conversations about X-Men First Class (the comic, not the movie), Giffen & Levitz’s Legion of Super-Heroes, Fables, Welcome to Tranquility, and the zombie comic Things Undone. Scotch and Comics: stumbling through the long boxes to find nuggets of solid gold!

Show Notes:
Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Twitter friends who helped program the show: @pau1wa11ace, @leah_literally, @kalebd, @RenaissanceDork, @bboyspodcast
You should also follow @GailSimone – because she is not just a very good comics writer but hilarious on Twitter
Linda Medley on the Fantagraphics site, artist of Fables #18 and Castle Waiting
Shane White
– Creator of Things Undone
8Tracks Playlist (will be up soon-ish but you can find the others here)

Link: Episode 004 on Libsyn
Download: Scotch & Comics Episode 004
Subscribe on Itunes: The Readerfeed


4 responses to “Scotch & Comics Episode 4: The Random Drawerbox Shuffle

  1. Just found this ‘cast on the Comic Book Noise Family feed . . . great idea and show! I’ll be listening. Just heard #4 so far, and glad that it will only take 3 episodes to catch up!

    • That’s one of the benefits of getting in on the ground floor! Thanks for the feedback and please feel free to comment or e-mail me at any time; I am always looking for more suggestions on what to read (and drink).

  2. Don’t worry Mr. Guy, I won’t stop listening due to your lack of interested in “The Walking Dead,” if we all liked the same comics where would we get recommendations for anything new? Keep up the good work and make sure to let us know how “Welcome to Tranquility” worked out as a whole.

  3. All eps downloaded and I shall commence listening to them this evening. Maybe even this afternoon as I am feeling like not working much today.

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