Scotch & Comics: Episode 005 – An Interview With Kody Chamberlain

Can You Spot The Hidden Objects?

Cover to Sweets #1

The fifth episode of Scotch & Comics is a Very Special Epsiode, and by that I don’t mean one where we all learn an important lesson about bullying or lying to your parents. I mean one where you get to hear a conversation with a comics professional! On his episode I talk to writer and artist Kody Chamberlain, from Image Comics’ Sweets and the upcoming re-launch of Punks from MTV Comics. We talk about Sweets in particular (and my hazy confusion about the plot), his craft in general, his opinion on digital comics, and then a brief discussion about what he’s currently interested in in the rest of pop culture. And if that wasn’t enough – and believe me, it should be – I finish it off with a trio of comics reviews that span genres, companies, and decades. Your regular semi-soused comics reviews, an interview with a very talented creator, and a charming story about waterfowl: you can’t ask for much more than that!

WARNING: I mention this in the intro to the podcast, but Kody Chamberlain and I do talk about the plot points and reveals in his comic, Sweets. Spoilers abound, but the rest of the reviews start at about the 40 minute mark.

Show Notes:
A Brief History of The Scotch Watch
Kody Chamberlain’s Blog
Punks: The Comic

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