Scotch & Comics: Episode 009 – Nine Nine Nine Challenge

Answer: YES.

Question: The Greatest Legionnaire of All Time?

In this week’s episode of Scotch & Comics, host Devin R Bruce covers his time at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, drinks some duty-free Glenfiddich, and talks about the 999 Reading Challenge. (And no, it’s got nothing to do with a Pokemon-loving former US Republican “contender.”) Then, he talks about why the first issue of Stumptown is a perfect crime comic AND waxes rhapsodic on the subject of Chuck Taine of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Short but sweet this week, there’s still plenty of Scotch & Comics to wet your whistles!

Show Notes

  • This year’s Emerald City Comic Con was the tenth anniversary, and if next year’s is going to be anything like this year, I’ll be back for year eleven!
  • The Glenfiddich website covers their whole range of whiskys; I’ve only ever had the 12, myself, but I hope to try more in the future.
  • I know said I’d put up my ECCC sketches but my scanner is down; I’ll update the blog when I’ve worked out all the kinks.
  • I’ll be podcasting about books I’m tackling during the 999 Challenge, but if you’re interested in following my capsule reviews, here’s the Scotch & Comics Tumblr.
  • The musical interludes in this episode is from Kirby Krackle & Adam Warrock, two artists I have liked for a few years now and I got to see BOTH of them live during Kracklefest. Eugene (aka Adam Warrock) and Kyle (from Kirby Krackle) are really cool guys, from the brief conversations I’ve had with them, and you should legally acquire their music. By paying them for it. I know, it seems old-fashioned, but you’ll feel good about it.

Link: Episode 009 on Libsyn
Download: Scotch & Comics Episode 009
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