Scotch & Comics Update: RIP Apokolips

Well, it was bound to happen. My five year-old desktop computer, which I named Apokolips because of a long story (my laptop is New Genesis and my network is called The Source Wall) died on me on Friday night. The really BAD thing is that I was 20 minutes into recording an episode of Scotch & Comics at the time of the demise. No, really. (Remember that? It’s a podcast that I apparently do.) So currently, I find myself with a computer that can word process but not record, and a computer that can keep a lot of papers from blowing away.

I have a new desktop computer coming to me within the next week, limited by two factors:
1. Whenever it arrives at the depot.
2. Whenever I get my next paycheque.

So when that happens, I’ll set up the new system and record something. It’s hard getting drunk and reading comics, but I’ll do it. For science. And justice. And other things.

Anyhow. Just wanted to put an update out there, because I haven’t posted in a while. Hope everyone’s doing well, and hopefully I’ll have a new computer – and a new episode up! – in two weeks MINIMUM. And as a parting gift, here’s a photo of Batman kicking a dude while wearing Plastic Man as a boot . Don’t say I never did anything for you.

The best thing you will see all day.

Wallpaper courtesy of The


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