Scotch & Comics, Episode 014: Hot Toddy Hotfoot

If I drank a Hot Toddy with Tony Todd...that would be awesome.

If I drank a Hot Toddy with Tony Todd…that would be awesome.

It’s a COLD January in Edmonton but this episode of Scotch & Comics is going to warm. You. UP. We’re drinking the world’s second-greatest hot alcoholic drink and we’re talking – what else? – comics! Join host Devin R Bruce as he reads Northlanders, Excalibur, Avengers Arena, and Killraven, and then lets you know ALL about the 999 Regina Challenge, how close he came to finishing, and whether or not he made it past the finish line. Hot toddys and cool comics: just another day’s work on Scotch & Comics!

Show Notes

  • Bernard Cornwell is a great writer and The Saxon Stories are really good. Well, the first two are really good; they’re the only ones in that series I’ve read.
  • I said both Congo Bill and Congorilla. I meant Congo Bill. And the covers were by Richard Corben!
  • Wow, you can REALLY hear the background noise with the new microphone. Sorry guys, I’m trying to keep it down over here. I just like shuffling papers.
  • Yes, I said that The Hunger Games was an awful movie. I thought the book was decent, but the movie was pretty awful, you guys.
  • That’s right, I’m going to be doing things with The Metro Cinema in February. There’s going to be another post this week about it, but for right now you can click here and see what they’ve shown on the Graphic Content screenings in the past.
  • If you haven’t done so already, please do isten to me ramble about The Grifters on The Bookhouse Boys Podcast! Matt, Dave, and Jason are the bees’ knees.
  • Spoiler alert: I didn’t make it through my full 999 Regina Challenge. I finished off 2012 with 71 out of 81 completed, but am planning on getting through the unfinished selections by March 2013. (Yeah right.)

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3 responses to “Scotch & Comics, Episode 014: Hot Toddy Hotfoot

  1. Why is it called the Regina challenge? As a soon-to-be-former resident of the Queen City, I’m just curious.

    • LONG story short: the 11 O’Clock Comics podcast had a guy call in from Regina, they’d never heard of the city before, they thought the name needed a different meaning than “rhymes with vagina,” they called the pile of unread comics that we comics collectors always seem to acquire the Regina Pile. It’s even on Urban Dictionary now.

  2. Aha, this may explain the hidden subtext of Regina’s destruction in a recent issue of Avengers. Thanks!

    (And now, back to sorting my Regina piles for the move to Edmonton.)

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