Guest Appearance: The Spoiler Show!

Spoiler Show Image

(This is going to be the first in what I hope will be a flurry of activity over the next few weeks. Because I live in hope.)

This week I was fortunate enough to sit down with Edmonton raconteur and man-about-town Matt Bowes for a guest chat on his podcast, The Spoiler Show. I was on to promote an upcoming event that we’re presenting at The Metro Cinema, which I will put more information up about tomorrow. But if you want to hear two nerds talk about the cultural wasteland of the Star Trek universe, how awesome Deep Space Nine was (answer: very), Hellblazer comics and the rise and fall of the Vertigo imprint, Judge Dredd in both comics and film form, digital distribution, books, MonkeyBrain comics, and much more, then you should either get the episode on iTunes or click here to download it directly. I had a lot of fun talking with Matt, and I hope it’s at least half as fun to listen to.


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