Special Announcement: The Listmakers Podcast!


Hey folks. Just dropping a note here for those who mainly access me through WordPress. I can’t imagine there are any, but you never know.


I am VERY excited to announce that my friend Kim Stolz and I, after over TWO YEARS of verrrry slow planning, are debuting our new podcast! The Listmakers is a podcast about two friends trying to make sense of the world by categorizing literally everything they can think of into lists, then discussing them with each other. It’s a podcast about history, movies, science, books, cuisine, music, geography, and more. But it’s really just about friendship and good times. Part entertaining, part educational, part hot air, but all good times. The Listmakers is a podcast (and a website) that is hopefully for everyone: every episode is a new topic. I’d really appreciate it if you downloaded it and spread the word about the podcast and our Twitter feed (especially if you liked it!).

Thanks for your time, all, and just so you know, there will be another Scotch & Comics episode soon. Also: I may have some exciting S&C-related news in a couple weeks! Keep Watching The Pubs!


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