Announcement: The Road Ahead!

(Note: I thought that I had auto-scheduled this to post on Monday January 5, as I had promised, but apparently I hadn’t. My apologies.)

Greetings! If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you at one time listened to a podcast called Scotch & Comics. That was a podcast where I got to combine two of my favourite things in the entire world – reading comic books and drinking Scotch whisky. The last time I published an episode of that podcast was a long while ago now, and I have had at least one person ask me where it went and if there would be new episodes coming in 2015.

The answer to that question is “Yes!”

Yes, there will be new episodes of the Scotch & Comics podcast coming in 2015, which makes me excited because like I said, two of my favourite things. But I have more planned than just that that.

I am a man with a lot of fingers in a lot of pies, which is good because I also like pie, but it does mean that sometimes I get distracted. So in November of 2014 I decided to turn this website from just a rarely-updated podcast site into a repository of my various projects and maybe even some original non-podcast material. That means that there will be a few changes to the way I do things here, including the following:

  • Links to the weekly editions of This Column Has Seven Days, the column I write for the wonderful Comics! The Blog.
  • Links to episodes of The Listmakers Podcast, my other podcast which my best buddy Kim Stolz (of the Action Sofa) and I are also planning to relaunch this year.
  • Links to guest appearances on any other podcasts that I am lucky to be asked to participate in.
  • Entries about books and movies and television shows and other non-comics content.
  • Links to any and all events that I am organizing, performing in, or going to in 2015.
  • And maybe even a few other things as well.

Basically, what I am hoping to do for 2015 is more content, more often, and more consistently. It’s a lofty goal, to be sure, but I am making a commitment to be more involved in the things that I care about.

Mission statement over. Later this week: Scotch & Comics Episode 022. It’s coming, Jason. I promised.

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