Scotch & Comics 024: Patchwork

The Best Nerd-Themed Patchwork Quilt on the Internet. (via The Driftwood Thimble's Instagram page)

The Best Nerd-Themed Patchwork Quilt on the Internet. (via The Driftwood Thimble’s Instagram page)

This episode of Scotch & Comics is trying something a little bit different. This episode isn’t the result of a single evening’s “hard work” but rather a handful of books spread out over a few days, then stitched back together. (It’s fun to spend an entire evening sipping whisky and reading comic books, but sometimes it can be difficult to find five consecutive hours to set aside for that Herculean task.)

In this patchwork of an episode your intrepid host Devin R Bruce takes a tour of a wide variety of comic book stories, from Marvel and WildStorm’s World War 3 crossover, Warren Ellis’ rocketpunk adventure Ignition City, psychedelic espionage book Change, and Scott Morse’s mind-expanding Strange Science Fantasy. Wrap yourself up in the warmth of this episode of Scotch & Comics. It’s hypoallergenic and breathable, and made from 100% natural ingredients.

Show Notes:

  • Boy, I hope I pronounced “Ales Kot” properly.
  • TV on the Radio “Happy Idiot,” Charles Mingus “Hora Decubitus,” Potty Umbrella “Love Song,” Funkadelic “Where Do I Go?”

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3 responses to “Scotch & Comics 024: Patchwork

  1. Great to hear from you again, Devin!

    “Hawkeye is in Wetworks, Fuji is on the Avengers, Rick Jones and Grunge are best friends…” News flash: I DO know superhero comics, and this still doesn’t make sense. Reinforcing that skipping Heroes Reborn was the right choice — heck, it sounds like it drove you out of comics for a while.

    I haven’t read any Ellis in a bit, and I have Ignition City in my stack somewhere, gotta move it on up.

    “Scott Morse’s Strange Science Fantasy is…”
    *pregnant pause, I hold my breath*
    “… a goddamned treasure, folks.”
    Morse is an insanely undersung, longtime favorite of mine; his Barefoot Serpent, Volcanic Revolver and Spaghetti Western have proud, permanent places on my bookshelf. But I just realized, the newest of these is eleven years old! I’m glad you didn’t go too deeply into the contents, because I intend to read this book ASAP.

    It’s always a treat to hear your voice, sir. Welcome back!

  2. 1. Heroes Reborn was a weird time in comics, but honestly, those four issues I talked about were at the very least a fun ride. Also: I’m glad someone else is confused by those pairings!
    2. Oh man. Just read something else by Ellis that will be on an upcoming episode, so if you want a head start, read Injection.

    Thanks as always for your feedback, Jim. Getting this message made me smile!

  3. I ordered Injection volume 1 today.


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