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Scotch & Comics Episode 27: Just Like Falling Off A Bike

Falling Off A Bike

It’s me, Devin.

Welcome back to Scotch & Comics! It’s me, Devin R Bruce, coming to you with the first episode in…over two years? Really? It feels like shorter than that. So join me as I kick the tires and take this old podcast out for a spin.

In this episode I talk about a lot of different comic books, including: Jonah Hex: Riders of the Worm and Such from DC/Vertigo; Goodnight Paradise from TKO Studios; We Stand On Guard from Image; Dork from Dark Horse; Hex Wives from DC/Vertigo; and Three Fingers from Top Shelf. Which book made me surprisingly angsty and depressed? Which book explains the real reason for the death of Marilyn Monroe? Which book had an unexpected appearance by a late nineteenth-century giant of English literature? All these questions will be answered, and more. Plus: the debut of a new segment (which is also the first segment)! It’s a bold, strange new era for Scotch & Comics. Thanks for being here.

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Additional Notes:

Featured Music:

  • “San Ber’dino” by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention
  • “The Kids Are All Right” by The Who
  • “The Hideout” by Sarah Harmer
  • “Chew” by Jello Biafra & NoMeansNo
  • “Memories of You” by Charles Mingus
  • “Chariots of the Gods” by Duck Sauce.
  • and of course, the opening and closing theme is “The Graveyard Shift” by NoMeansNo

Opening and closing theme is “The Graveyard Shift” by NoMeansNo. Album art by Brandon Schatz.

Scotch & Comics Episode 019: Avoiding The Obvious Cultural Reference

The boat looked a LOT bigger in person.

The boat looked a LOT bigger in person.

It’s been a while again since the last episode but now Scotch & Comics is officially back from vacation! Your intrepid host was gone from the “studio” (“apartment”) for the entire month of June; it was very fun and also EXTREMELY busy, and there was only one opportunity to record a podcast. And it was while onboard the Marine Atlantic Ferry from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia! And even MORE exciting, the lovely and talented Kim Stolz (who you may also recognize from The Listmakers Podcast) was on the boat as well! Devin drinks scotch, Kim drinks Coca Cola, and of course, there are also comic books! Lots of comics in a short space, as the two friends dole out their thoughts on Locke & Key, Hopeless Savages, Lot 13, Concrete, and The Human Bomb (the Nu52 version). You know what they say: if this boat is a rockin’, it must be another episode of Scotch & Comics!

Show Notes:

  • For the record, Brian Lee O’Malley’s work on Hopeless Savages was released in the middle of his run on Scott Pilgrim.
  • Music for this episode includes “Go Mental” by The Ramones, “Some Day My Prince Will Come” by Herbie Hancock, and “Smartbomb” by Huevos Rancheros.

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Scotch & Comics Episode 013: One Year (And A Bit) Later

Those clothes! Those boots! It is impossible not to love.

It’s been over a year since the first episode of Scotch & Comics came out. It has something to do with the way time works on the internet. But despite these chronal inconsistencies, your intrepid host Devin R Bruce is back with another installment in the Internet’s fifth-best alcohol-related solo-hosted comics podcast! In this episode, take a jaunt through some of the ignored books in the 999 Regina Challenge, including Power Pack by Louise Simonson, Nexus by Steve Rude & Mike Baron, Man-Thing by Steve Gerber and a slew of artists, and Samurai Executioner by Kazuuo Koike & Goseki Kojima. A little mellow music, a little Islay single malt, and four great comics from a wide depth and breadth of genres, publishers, and countries (okay, well, only 2 countries). Scotch & Comics: the only place where there are 24 weeks a year!

SPOILER ALERT: In my excitement about the comic, spoil the entire first story in Samurai Executioner Volume 5. So if you care about that sort of thing, you have been warned.

Show Notes:

  • I didn’t realize that the alien race that Whitey belonged to was the same horse aliens called the Kyrellians, that become part of the Universal Inhumans in Jonathan Hickman`s run on FF. The more you know!
  • Sober Devin realizes that the Silverhawk`s ships name is The Miraj. Spelled that way for COOLNESS.
  • If you enjoyed this episodes moments of “Devin R Bruce Voice Acts The Great Moments Of Comics,” let us know.`Because apparently that might be a thing now.
  • I meant Shogun Assassin, not Samurai Assassin.
  • Music by Sufjan Stevens, Morrissey, Depeche Mode, and Mastodon. Because I felt like awesome mopey music!

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Scotch & Comics: Episode 12 – The RetreatCast

Get ready for a fireside chat – Scotch & Comics style!

That’s right! The twelfth episode of Scotch & Comics is here, it’s late, and it’s just what you’ve come to expect – but not. Recorded on location on Devin R Bruce’s secret retreat somewhere in the Canadian Rockies, on this episode your outdoorsy host reflects on Supergod by Warren Ellis and Garrie Gastonny, Love & Rockets by Jaime Hernandez, Solomon Kane from Dark Horse Comics, and the first issue of the beloved Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth! And all to the soothing soundtrack of a crackling fire, gentle rain, and not-so-random selections from his music library! Are you lost? In search of a true direction? Then come along on the RetreatCast and find what YOU have been searching for!

Show Notes:
Yes, I say Supergods when I mean Supergod. I had Grant Morrison on the brain.

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Scotch & Comics: Episode 006 – Hung Up On A Rusty Nail

In the first episode of Scotch & Comics to be released in 2012 (yet recorded in 2011), your intrepid host Devin R Bruce impales himself on a Rusty Nail and talks a little bit about his penchant for glassware. Then, it’s off to the races as we discuss a wide range of comic books: the Elseworlds tale Batgirl and Robin: Thrillkiller, Silver Age stories from Turok: Son of Stone, and two series that were cancelled before their time: the second half of Welcome To Tranquility and the first volume of Thor: The Mighty Avenger. Alternate histories, dinosaurs, demons, and ancient gods: it’s just a typical episode of Scotch & Comics!

NOTE: There are slight spoilers for Thrillkiller in this episode, nothing completely outrageous but a few examples of how things are different in this version of the DC Universe. I don’t think it really ruins anything but you have been warned.

Show Links/Notes
Wikipedia’s list of Elseworlds stories (The year of the Elseworlds Annuals were published in 1994)
In my discussion of Turok: Son of Stone, I say “Pteranosaurs.” I of course meant “Pterosaurs.” My six-year-old self is mortified.
Zuvembies were NOT created by Marvel but rather by the great pulp-era writer Robert E. Howard. That word was used by Marvel in the 1970s, during the time of the Comics Code Authority when horror themes weren’t allowed to be overt. For more information on the Comics Code Authority you should read The Ten-Cent Plague, which is a really terrific book.
Website of Chris Samnee, artist of Thor: The Mighty Avenger (he is a hell of an artist and you should check his website out)

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Scotch & Comics – Episode 002

In this second episode of Scotch and Comics, host Devin R Bruce takes a little bit of time to talk about one of his new favourite Scotch varieties, then dives headfirst into the newly-relaunched (don’t call it a reboot!) line of DC Comics titles. After going through The Good, The Bad, and The Questionable, he then cleanses the palate with some decidedly darker non-superhero fare featuring Joe Casey & Steve Parkhouse’s The Milkman Murders, Rafael Grampa’s Mesmo Delivery, and Kody Chamberlain’s Sweets.

NOTE: The DC Universe talk features a spoiler for Nightwing #1 at about the 27 minute mark, so if you want to keep your reading experience relatively pure the rest of the reviews start at about 32:20.

Show Links
The Glenrothes – A Speyside Distillery
DC Comics – Home of the New 52
Kody Chamberlain’s Blog – Creator of Sweets
Show playlist on 8tracks

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