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Scotch & Comics Episode 26: A Hero of Noble Enterprise


Seriously: anyone who can write a half-decent poem about haggis is okay with me. (Full disclosure: I love me some haggis.)

Seriously: anyone who can write a half-decent poem about haggis is okay with me. (Full disclosure: I love me some haggis.)

If I don’t post a show on Robbie Burns Day then I feel like I’m probably doing something wrong. Also: hello! It’s 2017 and I’m still occasionally rambling on about comic books while walking arm and arm with John Barleycorn. This episode John is rather silent but I talk about Astro City, The Anchor, Deathlok, and The Punisher MAX. It’s a kind of a short episode but don’t worry: the next one is going to be extra-long to make up for it. Just you wait.

Show Notes:

  • Sorry for the voice quality in this episode. I had a heck of a cough when I recorded this; hopefully I edited most of them out.
  • For the record: I misremembered what Priest said about Denys Cowan’s work on Steel. It was probably all that Scottish water. For more of Priest’s thoughts on his Steel run, check out this entry from the man’s own website.
  • Music in this episode: “Anti-Orgasm” by Sonic Youth; “Ultimate Devotion” by Strung Out; “Let Down” by Easy Star All Stars featuring Toots & The Maytals; “There Goes My Gun” by Pixies.
  • Thanks again to Jason Farrell for his help with this episode. Go tell him that he’s the bee’s knees and a snazzy so-and-so!

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Scotch & Comics Episode 4: The Random Drawerbox Shuffle

I love love LOVE how striking this cover is.

Cover to Welcome To Tranquility #4 by Neil Googe.

It’s been two long weeks but Scotch & Comics returns, with host Devin R Bruce serving up another round of slightly tipsy comics conversation. With the help of his friends on Twitter, he goes through a random selection of comics from his long boxes as well as one book from his shelf. It’s a big glass of superhero comics with a zombie twist and a sprinkling of pixie dust! Featuring conversations about X-Men First Class (the comic, not the movie), Giffen & Levitz’s Legion of Super-Heroes, Fables, Welcome to Tranquility, and the zombie comic Things Undone. Scotch and Comics: stumbling through the long boxes to find nuggets of solid gold!

Show Notes:
Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Twitter friends who helped program the show: @pau1wa11ace, @leah_literally, @kalebd, @RenaissanceDork, @bboyspodcast
You should also follow @GailSimone – because she is not just a very good comics writer but hilarious on Twitter
Linda Medley on the Fantagraphics site, artist of Fables #18 and Castle Waiting
Shane White
– Creator of Things Undone
8Tracks Playlist (will be up soon-ish but you can find the others here)

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