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Scotch & Comics Episode 025: Carry A Big Stick

I took this photo with my own two hands!! And also with a camera.

I took this photo with my own two hands!! And also with a camera.

I’ve tried to write the show notes for this episode five or six times now and it always just comes down to me trying to not talk about how it’s been a while. So I figure the less said the better!

Long story short: if you want to hear your intrepid host Devin R Bruce talk about awesome independent comic books like Polly & The Pirates, Bitch Planet, The Hypernaturals, and Injection, then this is the episode for you! Also if you are interested in the fantastic comics in Showcase Presents Metamorpho and the unbelievable talent of Ramona Fradon, that’s here too! Enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • I didn’t mention it but Polly & The Pirates was published by Oni Press.
  • Here’s a link to buy Cunning Plans online.
  • For more information on Ramona Fradon, check out this interview at Sequential Tart, or go to her website and marvel at her artistic talents. Because Ramona Fradon is the freaking best.
  • Music in this episode: “Late Bloomer” by Jenny Lewis; “Help I’m Alive” by Metric; “Mouth’s Cradle” by Bjork; “Used To Know Her” by Veruca Salt; “URAQT” by M.I.A.
  • Thanks to Jason Farrell for all his help with this episode. Jason is a class act and a great guy, and you should go tell him so.

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Scotch & Comics Episode 019: Avoiding The Obvious Cultural Reference

The boat looked a LOT bigger in person.

The boat looked a LOT bigger in person.

It’s been a while again since the last episode but now Scotch & Comics is officially back from vacation! Your intrepid host was gone from the “studio” (“apartment”) for the entire month of June; it was very fun and also EXTREMELY busy, and there was only one opportunity to record a podcast. And it was while onboard the Marine Atlantic Ferry from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia! And even MORE exciting, the lovely and talented Kim Stolz (who you may also recognize from The Listmakers Podcast) was on the boat as well! Devin drinks scotch, Kim drinks Coca Cola, and of course, there are also comic books! Lots of comics in a short space, as the two friends dole out their thoughts on Locke & Key, Hopeless Savages, Lot 13, Concrete, and The Human Bomb (the Nu52 version). You know what they say: if this boat is a rockin’, it must be another episode of Scotch & Comics!

Show Notes:

  • For the record, Brian Lee O’Malley’s work on Hopeless Savages was released in the middle of his run on Scott Pilgrim.
  • Music for this episode includes “Go Mental” by The Ramones, “Some Day My Prince Will Come” by Herbie Hancock, and “Smartbomb” by Huevos Rancheros.

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Scotch & Comics: Episode 011 – Drunk Comics Debates on Scott Pilgrim

Wallace Wells = The Man

At least one thing is not up for debate: Wallace Wells is awesome.

In this very special episode of Scotch & Comics, your intrepid hosts embarks on what (hopefully) will be the first in a series of reoccurring yet randomly scheduled debates on comics and comics culture, with a Scotch & Comics twist: the Drunk Comics Debates! In this inaugural debate, Devin R Bruce pairs up with Comics! The Blog‘s very own DrunkyToasterson, Brandon Schatz, to debate the relative cultural and creative merits of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s six-volume opus, Scott Pilgrim. Who’s for? Who’s against? Who smashes a bottle of beer on the floor? Who compares O’Malley to Stanley Kubrick? The answers to these and more questions may surprise you.

Show Notes/Links:

  • Do you love listening to the dulcet tones of internet comics czar Brandon Schatz? Do you want to know more about this elusive figure? Then check out his Twitter page, his website, and his podcast! Do it for JUSTICE!
  • The songs featured in this episode are from the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack. I don’t want to spoil which ones. But they’re from there.

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Scotch & Comics: Episode 009 – Nine Nine Nine Challenge

Answer: YES.

Question: The Greatest Legionnaire of All Time?

In this week’s episode of Scotch & Comics, host Devin R Bruce covers his time at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, drinks some duty-free Glenfiddich, and talks about the 999 Reading Challenge. (And no, it’s got nothing to do with a Pokemon-loving former US Republican “contender.”) Then, he talks about why the first issue of Stumptown is a perfect crime comic AND waxes rhapsodic on the subject of Chuck Taine of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Short but sweet this week, there’s still plenty of Scotch & Comics to wet your whistles!

Show Notes

  • This year’s Emerald City Comic Con was the tenth anniversary, and if next year’s is going to be anything like this year, I’ll be back for year eleven!
  • The Glenfiddich website covers their whole range of whiskys; I’ve only ever had the 12, myself, but I hope to try more in the future.
  • I know said I’d put up my ECCC sketches but my scanner is down; I’ll update the blog when I’ve worked out all the kinks.
  • I’ll be podcasting about books I’m tackling during the 999 Challenge, but if you’re interested in following my capsule reviews, here’s the Scotch & Comics Tumblr.
  • The musical interludes in this episode is from Kirby Krackle & Adam Warrock, two artists I have liked for a few years now and I got to see BOTH of them live during Kracklefest. Eugene (aka Adam Warrock) and Kyle (from Kirby Krackle) are really cool guys, from the brief conversations I’ve had with them, and you should legally acquire their music. By paying them for it. I know, it seems old-fashioned, but you’ll feel good about it.

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